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The ultra slim M1 type is one of the leading products of its type in the industry. With a depth of only 200 mm it provides greater flexibility and can be used in far more applications. In addition, its high-efficiency and extremely quiet sound levels make it very popular with many users, including hotels and small offices.

  • Ultra-slim profile: 200 mm for all models

  • DC fan motor greatly reduces power consumption

  • Ideal for hotel application with very narrow false ceilings

  • Easy maintenance and service by external electrical box

  • 40 Pa static pressure enables ductwork to be fitted.

  • Includes drain pump


  • 1.5 kW: S-15MM1E5A (Heating and Cooling)

  • 2.2 kW: S-22MM1E5A (Heating and Cooling)

  • 2.8 kW: S-28MM1E5A (Heating and Cooling)

  • 3.6 kW: S-36MM1E5A (Heating and Cooling)

  • 4.5 kW: S-45MM1E5A (Heating and Cooling)

  • 5.6 kW: S-56MM1E5A (Heating and Cooling)